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Our clientele includes natural and legal persons from a wide geographical area, extending throughout Greece, especially in Thessaloniki and Athens but also in the rest of Northern Greece. In the thematic part of our clientele, a wide variety of legal matters from the whole range of legal and consulting services is included. Abroad, usual clientele of our offices is located in Germany and other German-speaking countries, in major Balkan capitals and Istanbul.

The largest part of our clientele comes from the general private sector and any kind of freelancers, retailers, businesses and corporations.

In a series of legal persons we provide services as legal counsels. Amongst them there are large and small PLCs, Ltd., partnerships, securities firms, insurance companies, construction companies, import - export companies, clinics, medical centers, hotels, investors in limited companies in the football sector and investors in photovoltaic and wind parks are included. Within our preoccupation with issues between citizen-consumer and the state, we specialize in providing such services to mass organizations and individual employees in the general public sector, including the Army and the Police. Our client list includes also persons who have worked or are actively engaged in politics and hold public offices.