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Prof. Dr. Ioannis M. Papagiannis, LL.M. & Associates

Ioannis Men. Papagiannis, Lawyer appointed to the Supreme Court and Council of State, is a father of three children and comes from Véria. Graduate of the Law School of Thessaloniki, attained his postgraduate diploma (LL.M.) from the University of Münster, where he was employed as a scientific associate in the Institut für Internationales Wirtscaftsrecht. He conducted research studies for a number of german universities and for universities in Brussels and in London. He was nominated Doctor of Legal Sciences (Dr. iur.) of the University of Münster with distinction and sponsorship of publication for his doctoral dissertation from the University. He cooperated in research programs and taught subjects of Commercial Law in the Law School of Thessaloniki and the University of Macedonia. He was directly elected Associate Professor of Commercial Law in the General Department of Law of Panteion University.

As a legal consultant of a large number of businesses and companies he provides legal services in and outside Greece, especially in german speaking and neighbouring countries of Greece. He co-wrote dozens of scientific books and studies, indicatively we mention; "Der faktische Aktienkonzern (The de facto group of businesses by shares)", "Law of limited companies by shares. Interpretation by article, coded Act 2190/20 on limited companies by shares", "Griechisches Wirtscafts-und Unternehmensrecht (Greek Economy and Business Law)", "Code of Commercial Companies", "The legal status of the holders of confidential information", "Stockexchange Code", "Die Aktiengesellschaft im griechischen Recht, (The limited company by shares in greek law)", "The business as an object of law", "Das Privatversicherungsrecht in Griechenland (The private insurance law in Greece)", "The transfer of headquarters of legal entities in international european company law", "The procedure of conciliation in contemporary bankruptcy law" etc. His works are published in Greek and foreign legal journals with international and worldwide effect.

Law Offices

Professional experience:

We work with dozens of offices of legal and consulting services in German-speaking countries as well as in Paris, London, Moscow and St. Petersburg.
State law of Munich from October 2015
Registered since 8.4.1993 in the Records of the Bar Association of Thessaloniki as a Lawyer of the First Instance Court of Thessaloniki.
Promotion to the Court of Appeal of Thessaloniki since 10.1.2000
Promotion to the Supreme Court (Areios Pagos) since 15.1.2004

30 year legal study


- June 2009 :

Directly elected as Associate Professor of Commercial Law in the General Department of Law of Panteion University

8th June 1993:

Doctor of Legal Studies - Doktor der Rechte (Dr.iur.)

Westfäliche Wilhelms Universität Münster with subject of doctoral dissertation "Der Faktische Aktienkonzern" ("The de facto group of businesses by shares"), published the year 1993, Lit-Verlag Publications, Münster-Hamburg-London, (pages I- XIV + 1-226).

19th June 1992:

Magister Legum (LL. M.)

Postgraduate Diploma Magister Legum (LL.M.) from the Westfäliche Wilhelms Universität Münster with subject of dissertation "Der Bericht über Beziehungen zu verbundenen Unternehmen im Aktiengesetz" ("The Report in law regarding limited companies by shares for the relations of affiliated businesses").

7th November 1990:

Degree from the Department of Law

School of Legal and Economics Studies, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.